“She’s on point with her knowledge in HR and career consulting…”

I had the pleasure of working with Danielle at Philips Lifeline over 10 years ago and we have been connected ever since. Danielle has been my go to person when seeking career advice over these years, her experience and extensive education is why I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a career advisor or help with refreshing your resume when seeking a new job.
I recently made the decision to leave my company of 6 years to seek new opportunities. After many applications and having very little response over a four month period, I had asked Danielle to review my resume. After applying her suggestions, edits and emphasizing more on where I want to be in my life and not what I have done, I had phone calls, interviews, and accepted an outstanding job offer within a month.
If you’re seeking a job and have been out of the interview game for a while, I highly recommend speaking to Danielle as she is certainly on point with her knowledge in HR and career consulting.

—Sharon S.