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Why two heads are always better than one

We’re all familiar with the wise proverb, “Two heads are better than one”—but how often do you follow this advice? If you’re anything like me, or should I say the old me, the answer is (I mean was): not enough.

When you’re rushing to get something done—or let’s admit it, maybe you’re just too stubborn to ask for help—and refuse to get the guidance or support you really need, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The result: wasted time, feelings of frustration and confusion—and some pretty embarrassing and irreversible mistakes. That’s why today, I work with an army of trusted mentors, advisors and coaches to help me achieve my goals—and if you need more convincing, here’s why you should do the same.

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4 meeting etiquette mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making

Your behavior before, during and after a meeting can have a big impact on your professional image. More often than not meetings are reoccurring giving co-workers the opportunity to notice your behavioral trends and associate you as either a positive contributor or a detractor. To ensure you’re not being associated as the latter, it’s critical to demonstrate good meeting etiquette.

While some meeting etiquette rules are obvious (i.e. don’t be on your phone, be on time, demonstrate good listening skills) some are less obvious. From my experience, there are four common types of meeting actions that damage people’s reputation without that person even realizing it. Continue reading “4 meeting etiquette mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making”

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Become an email hero using these etiquette tips

Love it or hate it (I’m guessing the latter) we spend a large part of our workday reading and responding to emails. In a recent study, McKinsey Global Institute found 28 percent of the workweek is spent reading and responding to email. Because email is such a big part of our job most of us have created email goals in hopes of keeping us productive (and if you haven’t you should do this immediately).

However, chances are these goals aren’t lofty enough resulting in you never quite getting ahead of your email challenges. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tweak your email goals and behaviors and see instant long-term benefits? Well, you can! Continue reading “Become an email hero using these etiquette tips”