HR Consultant

If you’re in a HR dilemma looking for express counsel on an interpersonal issue in the workplace, I’m here to help.

I’m an HR consultant that specializes in employee relations problem solving, conversation coaching and organizational communication planning and writing. If you need help figuring out how to navigate a unique employee issue, preparing for a difficult conversation or crafting an unpopular message (among other needs), I’m at your service. Think of me as a mentor, consultant and friend that is only a phone call or email away.

I have my MBA and more than 10 years of leadership and HR experience working with family-owned to Fortune 500 companies. I have a strong business acumen and pulse on today’s demanding and ever-changing workforce, and more importantly because your success is my success.

What do I enjoy about the work I do? Helping boost small business owners’ confidence and knowledge.




Danielle presents a higher standard of human resource consulting. Her skills assisted me during my role as founder and president of a national healthcare organization. Her advice and counsel allowed me to consider a greater opportunity to communicating my needs which resulted in a smooth transition for my employees and partners. Whether you are seeking personal advice or guidance for your HR needs, Mrs. Clark has certainly earned a solid reputation as an HR professional. I would highly recommend Danielle Clark to any company president who intends to hold their company to a higher standard. 

Joseph Hodges, Former Founder and CEO of INETICO, Founder and Chief Disruption Office at CareValet

Danielle is the epitome of what HR is all about. She is well thought, caring, fair and trust worthy. Having the opportunity to work with Danielle on multiple fronts as a strategic partner and organizational leader, she sets the standard for an organization. There is no better person to have as the forefront of your organization. Danielle is truly one of a kind!

– Lucas Croteau, Managing Director, The Wellington Group Recruiting