In all that I do, I consider myself to be both an educator and a student.

This is what draws me to teaching: I get to pass down my words of wisdom and experience while continuously acquiring new knowledge and insights from my students.

My predominant teaching style is student-centered. I believe we can all learn something from one another and because of this, I tend to gravitate toward group activities that encourage discovery, collaboration and critical thinking. From my experience, this approach leads to deeper student commitment and understanding of the concepts being presented.

What sets me apart from many facilitators is my hands-on style. Not only do I design and create a shared learning environment, but I also immerse myself in it. It’s not uncommon for me to partake in group discussions, attend a team brainstorming session or complete a homework assignment and share my work with the class. By actively involving myself in the lecture and minimizing the fact I am an authoritative figure, I am able to build stronger relationships with my students resulting in increased trust and engagement.

As a teacher, my number one goal is to open the eyes and minds of my students and to help them think differently. I accomplish this by introducing new content, ideas and concepts while encouraging my students to always look at a situation from both sides. Maria Montessori and I share similar definitions of teaching victory and believe she said it best when she pronounced, “The greatest sign of success for a teacher…is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.”




She demonstrated such a high degree of expertise about the entire hiring process, including the importance of a great LinkedIn profile, resume, interview skills and negotiating with an employer/employee.

—Rae Lynn Glispin, Assistant Director of the Nichols Fund for Advancement at Nichols College

Best use of the technology in any class I have taken so far. We used webcams & breakout sessions very effectively, and additional programs like Padlet and Kahoot kept the class interesting and informative. The style and approach to this topic was great. 

Danielle is an excellent facilitator. She is engaging and is not afraid to use candor and share feedback that will help us develop professionally. For example, after our first week of assignments, she took the time to review with the class the common mistakes and how careless errors or lack of effort is perceived in the workplace. She also is very thorough in providing feedback and extra resources that are relevant to the assignment and that I can use at work…

Danielle has a great way of bringing real-life examples into the classroom and sharing “pears of wisdom” with the class. Even though this is her first time teaching this course, I never would have known it. She’s a pro and so engaging.

*Names are withheld as testimonials were collected via anonymous student feedback surveys