How to use negative feedback to be a better leader

A few weeks ago, I gave constructive feedback to a colleague.  Although those types of conversations are never easy, the discussion went well. Looking back on our meeting, I attribute its success to my detailed pre-planning. At the close of our meeting, I was feeling good about our time together, but then something unexpected happened:… Read More

3 practical ways to lead change effectively

I recently attended a great human resources seminar that was fast-paced, informative and thought-provoking, which is exactly how I like my training. While I was excited about my learnings and ready with workplace change ideas, some attendees didn’t necessarily share my elation. In fact, an attendee I was partnered with admitted feeling a bit lost,… Read More

Is there a dark side to emotional intelligence?

I consider my emotional intelligence to be one of my greatest strengths, and because of it, I’ve had thousands of positive and successful professional relationships. This trait allows me to easily work with a variety of people, handle conflicts effectively, comfortably navigate change and build even stronger relationships. Seeing such a positive use and outcome,… Read More

6 proven techniques for conducting an engaging training session

You’ve spent weeks preparing for your upcoming training session—the training goals have been identified, the agenda is set, all of your materials are finalized and your training schedule is complete. You may think you’re ready to give an effective training session. But, are you? You made sure all of the necessary logistics were taken care… Read More

The perfect trick to help you cope with making tough decisions at work

In all of my management roles, I have been “the bad guy” more often than not. I’ve said “no” more times than I can count and I have made hundreds of unpopular choices. I’ve also been responsible for initiating and supporting dozens of corrective action conversations and terminations. In short, I’m not people’s favorite person… Read More

4 easy ways managers can beat year-end work stress before it starts

Believe it or not, the year is almost over and the holiday season is right around the corner. While the holidays bring cheer, fun and togetherness they can also bring stress and a poor work-life balance. Before you know it, you will find yourself with aggressive end-of-year work deadlines all while trying to spend time… Read More

3 simple ways managers can foster a positive work environment

When trying to improve employee job satisfaction, many managers focus on training, communication, and recognition. While these tactics can be helpful, they won’t make much of an impact if employees don’t feel respected. A Society for Human Resource Management study found 72 percent of employees feel being respected at work is the most important aspect… Read More

4 simple steps for getting your employees to use their vacation time

Time away from the office is critical to employee health, engagement, creativity and productivity—yet, workers are letting millions of vacation days go unused. That’s 429 million days a year to be exact. Project: Time Off reports American workers are taking the least amount of vacation in nearly 40 years, just 16 days in 2013, almost… Read More

Good or bad, lack of feedback is hurting employee engagement

When managing employees, giving feedback is one of the most important aspects of your job. Feedback gives your team members the opportunity to better their individual performance while keeping them engaged, aware and feeling valued. Despite the many benefits, it’s not happening nearly as much as it should. In fact, 65 percent of employees say… Read More

How 15th century sailors’ work songs can help make us better leaders today

In a recent trip to a maritime museum, I had the opportunity to help raise a ship’s sails while singing sea shanties—15th century shipboard working songs—with a crew and all of a sudden I had a revelation. As 10 other people and I were belting out sea shanties while hard at work, I instantly saw… Read More