Life and Career Coach

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If you’re stuck in a rut, you’ve found the right person.

I’m a life and career coach. Simply put, I’m here to help you move forward whether you need an ear, confidence or clarity.

As a life coach, I assist those who are working through indecisiveness, ineffective habits and inner doubt in any area of life. Through a variety of techniques, I’ll help you to see your situation clearer while giving you the tools you need to transform.

As a career coach, I provide tangible resume, interviewing, problem solving and negotiating counsel. I have my MBA and more than 10 years of leadership and HR experience working with higher education institutions, family-owned and Fortune 500 companies. I have a strong business acumen and pulse on today’s competitive, demanding and ever-changing workforce.

What makes me unique as both a life and a career coach is that I’m not afraid of giving you some tough love. I’ll be honest, candid—and at times demanding—but I’ll also give you the patience, warmth and respect you deserve while we work to help you move forward.

Working with me is a genuine partnership and I know we will accomplish a lot together while also having a bit of fun. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

What do I enjoy about the work I do? Helping others grow and succeed is what I’m all about. For me, there is no greater feeling than helping others realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

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“She’s on point with her knowledge in HR and career consulting…”

Danielle has been my go to person when seeking career advice over these years, her experience and extensive education is why I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a career advisor or help with refreshing your resume when seeking a new job.

I recently made the decision to leave my company of 6 years to seek new opportunities. After many applications and having very little response over a four month period, I had asked Danielle to review my resume. After applying her suggestions, edits and emphasizing more on where I want to be in my life and not what I have done, I had phone calls, interviews and accepted an outstanding job offer within a month.

If you’re seeking a job and have been out of the interview game for a while, I highly recommend speaking to Danielle as she is certainly on point with her knowledge in HR and career consulting.

— Sharon S.

I am honored to have the mentorship and executive coaching from Danielle Clark. Danielle is the quintessential epitome of professional excellence in leadership, strategic initiatives, an expert in front and behind the scenes of Human Resources, exceptionally diplomatic and highly accomplished in getting her clients where they want to be and navigating them on how to get there. Danielle is hands on! … Wherever Danielle is, she leaves an indelible mark of excellence. Danielle is a value added asset to anything she touches and sets her sights on; she is a tremendous leader of insurmountable success who wants that for her clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Danielle – our struggle is her struggle – our success is her success. It’s a win-win with Danielle, and I am now empowered and have the clarity to delve into my career with confidence, passion and a renewed sense of self. Thank YOU, Danielle.

– Dawn P. 

Danielle was such a pleasure to work with. She listened to all my needs and wants when it came to my resume. She beautifully articulated what I’ve been trying to say about myself for a some time now. I now have a better understanding on how to maintain and adjust my resume as needed as well as how to build a strong, ideal LinkedIn profile. Danielle has helped me grow professionally within a week and I’m very satisfied with the outcome of her work. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She’s a great teammate to have! Thank you, Danielle!

– Danielle D. 

Danielle is an amazing resource and she offers a variety of career advising services including resume/cover letter editing, interview prep, etc. She is a pleasure to work with throughout the process and is transparent with her work. I found her to be quite passionate about the work that she provides and I was very satisfied with the outcome of my resume and cover letter after deciding to take advantage of her services. She was very flexible with her schedule and we conversed over the phone. Overall, I would recommend Danielle for anyone who is seeking to improve their resume/cover letter or who is in need of interview prep assistance.

– Gregory F.