About Me

I am a hands-on, stimulating and committed manager and adjunct professor with more than 10 years of human resources and leadership experience. I excel at creating a culture that encourages employee and student growth and advancement through training and mentoring. My strong and diverse professional background working with both Fortune 500 and family-owned companies has helped to shape me into the adaptable, results-driven, people-focused person I am today.

Teaching adult learners is my passion. For the last four years, I’ve taught adult education classes at my local high school and for the last year and a half, I’ve proudly supported my alma mater Becker College and Nichols College as an adjunct professor. I enjoy teaching and lecturing on a variety of business topics, most notably the interpersonal sides of business such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communications.

Colleagues and students know me as an energetic, thought-provoking leader who is quick to take action and get things done. My strengths include inspiring commitment, leveraging capabilities and championing people’s growth.

Keeping up on industry trends, engaging in meaningful dialogue and helping others learn and grow are all very important to me. I hope to accomplish these goals through networking and publishing original content. I believe we can all learn something from one another and because of this I am eager to connect.

I’m always interested in building new relationships and hearing from former colleagues and students so please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or at danielleclark319@gmail.com.